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‘New EC will fulfill our expectations’

20 February 2017, 5:34:33

Staff Correspondent:Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Monday said his party will form separate alliance to contest the next general election.

‘Talks are on with some political parties in this regard. The name of the alliance will be announced soon on conclusion of discussion. Jatiya Party’s members on the cabinet will after formation of the new alliance before the election,’ he said.

Ershad was exchanging views with local journalists at his Rangpur home Palli Nibash at Darshana of Rangpur city on Monday.

He is on a three-day visit to Rangpur.

About the formation of new Election Commission, Ershad said, the commission will be not be like the previous ones. ‘Immediate comments cannot be created without observing their activities. Their activities will prove their stance. We hope that the new election commissioners will fulfill our expectations,’ he said .

Ershad was of the opinion that the BNP must participate in the next polls, otherwise their registration will be cancelled and the party will be ruined. So, BNP will have to contest the election to save the party’s position, he said.

About the by-election in the vacant Sundargonj -1 seat [ due to the death of MP Liton], Ershad said the candidate of Jatiya Party will win with huge margin if the election takes place impartial and neutral.

Ershad also said Awami League and BNP will contest the next election alone. Jatiya Party also wanted to contest the polls alone but discussions are underway to form political alliance, he said.

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