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‘New generation can take Bangladesh forward’

3 March 2017, 7:13:16

Staff Correspondent:Director General of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Benazir Ahmed on Friday said that they have to make such a new generation that could contest any competition in the international arena.

The RAB DG said a skilled and spirited generation would help Bangladesh continuing its forward march in the near future.

Benazir Ahmed said this while joining a press briefing a debate and chess competition at Gopalganj Swimming Pool in Gopalganj district.

Gopalganj Social Welfare Association President Harun-or-Rashid presided over the function while Zila Parishad Chairman Chowdhury Emdadul Haque, Gopalganj Pourasabha Mayor Liakot Ali Leku and general secretary of Bangladesh Swimming Federation MB Saif spoke on the occasion.

The RAB chief asked all educational institutions to take initiatives to remove misleading ideas from the minds of their students.

He said, “We have to work for creating a next generation, so that we can build an advanced Bangladesh. It is the duty of all including the state, society and institutions.”

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