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Neymar to sign for PSG this summer

20 July 2017, 7:21:00

Brazilian journalist Marcelo Bechler has insisted the superstar will sign for PSG this summer, after informing his fellow countrymen at the club that he will leave Barcelona.


The threat of a definitive goodbye or a game to up his wages? It is still blur, but it seems Neymar will once again be in the limelight this summer.


Barely a year after his last official contract renewal at Barcelona and the winger is already debating between a new profitable contract and a departure to Paris.


Marcelo Bechler, a reputed Brazilian journalist, who first insisted on Neymar’s potential transfer to PSG, has gone up rumours only one day later.


According to Bechler, Neymar has spoken to the Brazilians in the Paris Saint-Germain squad, it has been assured that he will play alongside them next season.


The Brazilian journalist seems to be confirmed that the move is going to happen, though there is also a distinct possibility that Neymar renews his contract at Barcelona. ‘Barcelona could convince him with money, but it is not his intention this time’, Bechler wrote on Twitter.

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