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Neymar’s mother defends her son after Brazil star admits to exaggerated falls

2 August 2018, 12:47:00

Neymar's mother Nadine Goncalves has come out in defence of her son after the Brazilian superstar admitted that he sometimes exaggerated his reactions upon being fouled during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Neymar used an advertisement to admit to his theatrics, that led to a lot of social media criticism and memes for the former Barcelona man.

The video, published Sunday and broadcast on several Brazilian TV networks, features the striker accepting criticism for the first time and promising to pick himself up.

‘You may think I exaggerate. And sometimes I do exaggerate. But the truth is I suffer on the pitch,’ Neymar said in the ad sponsored by personal care products maker Gillette.

Now Goncalves took to Instagram to tell her son to keep his chin up and not get upset by the words and accusations of people. In her long post, she told Neymar to know the people who are against him "are a minority compared to the people who love you."


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