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No deal against country’s interest: Obaidul

12 March 2017, 8:30:50

Staff Reporter:Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Sunday emphasized that the government will not seal any deal with India against national interests.

“We lead positive relationship with India. But if we sign any deal with them, it will be in favour of our national interest,” he said in a party programme in Dhaka.

“I am telling you (people) clearly that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina cannot sign any deal with India against Bangladesh’s national interest,” he said.

The political sphere of the country is abuzz with the premier’s upcoming India visit – where she is expected to sign some agreements. Media reports, those are military and security deals.

Political opponent BNP is beating a drum that the deals lined up for Hasina’s signature “under the lure of Teesta water agreement” will be against Bangladesh’s sovereignty.

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