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Fakhrul in press conference

One-sided game will not be played

3 May 2017, 6:04:00

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir today said one-sided game will not be played in next national election. Without level playing field election cannot be taken place.

Fakhrul also alleged the country’s constitution has turned into a “paper of ruling Awami League”.

“Hence, the AL will hijack the election result in their favour if it is held in line with the constitution,” he said while addressing a discussion in Dhaka.

Bangladesh Kalyan Party, a component of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, organized the discussion titled “Qualitative Change in Politics: Next Election” at Sishu Kalyan Auditorium.


In his speech, Fakhrul said, “You [the government] are speaking about holding the next election in line with the constitution. But which constitution—that has turned into your party’s paper?”


“Election in light of that constitution means—your referee, your linesmen. You will play nicely and we will not be allowed to play. You will hijack the election result in your favour. We won’t allow this.”

Fakhrul added: “That’s why we have been demanding election-time supportive government for holding a free, fair and inclusive election. Discussions can be held to this end. But you don’t want discussion because you fear of being defeated if the election is held fairly.”

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