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OPPO s new brand ambassador National cricketer Taskin Ahmed

11 November 2017, 1:25:00

OPPO, the Selfie Expert & Leader kick started the sale of its much awaited OPPO F5, the brand’s first FHD+ full screen display model in Bangladesh featuring the ground-breaking A.I. Beauty technology. 

The sale was kick started by OPPO’s new brand ambassador and National cricketer Taskin Ahmed. With technology designed to personalize beautification for subjects on a selfie image, the phone is now available in numerous stores across the nation at a price of BDT 24,990 for F5 4GB RAM and 32,990 for F5 6 GB RAM.

OPPO F5 is the first smart phone that brings Artificial Intelligence into selfie feature in Bangladesh with years of R&D.

It identifies shapes and facial structures based on a global database. Professional photographers and make-up artists were consulted during the R&D process, resulting in the A.I. technology having the ability to emulate those professional skills that can help selfies look more real and natural.

Mr. Damon Yang, Managing Director of OPPO Bangladesh said, “We are proud to have Taskin Ahmed as our newly appointed brand ambassador. We expect OPPO F5 will create a benchmark in national smartphone market."

OPPO F5 comes installed with a 20MP front camera with an ultra-sensitive F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8” sensor. 

Both features allow the camera to gain more information to produce better images with less noise in low light conditions. The front-camera portrait mode also applies a Bokeh effect to the background, creating better gradation and making you the focus of the selfie shot, every time.

And for the rear camera, the 16MP rear camera is excellent for all day and night shots. Along with the F1.8 aperture in the back camera also performs brilliantly for brighter and more precise shots in darker settings.

After the successful launch of OPPO F5, Gold and Black Edition, the company will launch two other models, the F5 6GB edition and the F5 Youth Edition) to give OPPO fans and the youth more choices to suit their needs. 

These two variants will be available in December.

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