Over 400 Bangladeshis cross Ukraine border: MoFA

27 February 2022, 10:17:45

Over 400 Bangladeshis have been able to safely cross Ukraine borders to neighboring countries mainly in Poland. “Till today, around 400 Bangladeshis have safely crossed the Ukrainian border and reached Poland,” said a Bangladesh foreign ministry press release here today.

Of them, 46 Bangladeshis are in temporary shelter arranged by the Bangladesh Embassy in Warsaw while rest of them are in their own arrangements as per their own choice despite the mission’s offer, said the press release.

The Embassy is working to rescue and relocate 28 Bangladesh nationals through ICRC, Ukraine, the release added. The Embassy is also working to evacuate Bangladeshis who are in jail or detained in Ukraine through IOM, Ukraine.

In Hungary, a total of 15 Bangladeshi students have arrived from Ukraine, who are now being looked after by the Bangladesh Embassy in Vienna. The number is likely to go up within the next few days, said the release.

Besides, three Bangladeshis have so far entered Romania, who are now being looked after by the Bangladesh Embassy in Bucharest, while seven more are expected to enter there soon.

Bangladesh government is now engaged in arranging repatriation of its nationals from Ukraine, added the release.

International reports said street fighting raged in Ukrainian cities after Russian forces pierced through Ukrainian lines, as both sides said they were ready for talks to halt a conflict that has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes.

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