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Span has been installed

Padma Bridge is visible now

30 September 2017, 10:45:32

The work of Padma bridge is going on very fast.The Super Structure (Span) carried by the floating crane is placed on the pillar number 37 and 38. On Saturday (September 30th) the span was placed at the height of the pillar at around 8am.

In the past two days, the pillar was dredging near the bearings and the pillar. Padma bridge project public relations officer Sheikh Walid said that the bridge minister Obaidul Quader will come to Jazira to see the span placement.

He also said that it would take more time to complete the super structure completely. In relation to being involved in the Padma bridge, the tide of joy is among the local and foreign engineers.

Project Director of Padma Bridge project Shafiqul Islam said that the local and foreign engineers are also very happy. Padma bridge is the sign of their merit and hard work. The overall progress of Padma bridge project is 47 percent.

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