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Results of HSC, equivalent exams

Pass rate and GPA-5 decreases

23 July 2017, 12:45:00

The results for this year’s Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations have been come to light and the students’ rate is 68.91 percent.

 The rate is 5.79 percentage points which is lower than that of previous year.


 Total 66.84 percent students passed this year’s HSC examinations with 33,242 students obtaining GPA-5.




The pass rates in madrasa and technical boards are respectively 77.20 and 81.33 percent.


 The pass rate is 70.28 percent under Barisal education board, 65.44 percent under Dinajpur board and 71.30 percent under Rajshahi board.




Among them, 37,726 examinees obtained Grade Point Average (GPA)-5.

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