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People start retracing their footsteps in the capital

8 June 2019, 8:06:36

People returning to the house after the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. Today, on Saturday (June 8th), there was a crowd of people in different bus terminals including the Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Kamalapur Railway Station and Gabtali.

Meanwhile, office-courts will open from Sunday (June 9th). So families started return to the capital from Saturday onwards.

Due to the Eid holiday, most of the people went to the villages, and most people went to the village to get rid of mind. Today, from Saturday (June 8th), people from all over the country will return to the capital every week from the morning.

In order to handle the pressure of the passengers, the railway authorities have already made arrangements for additional trains. It is known that the railway ministry sources confirmed that as long as there are additional crowds, special trains will remain in service.

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