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PM calls for boosting int’l cooperation to fight Covid-19

10 April 2020, 9:42:53

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for boosting international cooperation to fight the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as she wrote a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping, thanking Beijing for supplying medical equipment to Bangladesh to contain the lethal virus.

PM’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim said the prime minister, in the letter, called for enhancing international cooperation to combat the fatal disease and urged President Xi to play a major role in mobilizing the global
leaderships to address this unprecedented challenge.

Sheikh Hasina thanked the Chinese government for providing medical supplies to Bangladesh and helping better prepare to cope with the epidemic.

She also extended her gratitude to President Xi and the people and the government of China for providing large amounts of testing kits, masks, PPE and infrared thermometers to Bangladesh.

The prime minister also appreciated Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation for contributing hundreds of thousands of masks and testing reagents.

Sheikh Hasina expressed her firm conviction that the people and the government of China will stand by the people of Bangladesh during this global crisis.

“The Chinese support will go a long way in detection of cases and as well  as protection of our medical professionals,” she said.

Praising China’s prompt reactions in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak and its success in containing the virus, the premier said that China has set an example to the whole world, and Bangladesh is also taking cue from the
Chinese experience.

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