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PM encourages students to read books

1 February 2017, 7:56:12

Staff Correspondent: Encouraging students to read books, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said that the practice of literature could restrain them from stepping into the wrong path.

The premier said this while opening the month-long “Ekushey Grantha Mela” (Book Fair) on the Bangla Academy premises here on Wednesday afternoon.

“The practice of education and literature could salvage our students and children from the incorrect path they are now going toward and I believe that as much the practice of education and literature would be made, they would come back to right track to that extent,” she added.

The premier also auspicated a four-day International Literature Conference 2017 and handed over prizes among the winners of 'Bangla Academy Sahitya Puroshkar 2016' at the same function.

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