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PM Modi receives jersey signed by Ronaldo

8 January 2017, 5:37:25

Online Desk: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today received a special gift that would make any serious football fan turn green with envy – a Portugal football team jersey signed by one of the world's greatest sporting icons, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

The man who presented it to him was none other than Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, with whom he held bilateral talks today.

PM Modi, on his part, didn't let his guest leave empty-handed. He gave Costa an English translation of a book written by his father – the renowned writer Orlando da Costa, who's partly of Goan descent.

In fact, Costa's 150-year-old ancestral house is situated on Rua Abade Faria, in the heart of Margao in Goa.

Good Modi ji should have given him a copy of Bhagavad Gita.

Kumar Sambhav Pandey

PM Modi and Costa today also released commemorative stamps highlighting two dance forms – one Indian and the other Portuguese. The PM called them “a wonderful expression” of the “cultural affinity” between India and Portugal.

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