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PM office calls reports on plot to kill Sheikh Hasina baseless

24 September 2017, 8:01:00

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) today dismissed a media report about a failed attempt on the life of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, terming it completely "baseless and motivated".

"On Sunday, September 23, some news outlets of Bangladesh quoted a foreign television channel and an international online media to report of a failed attempt to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on August 24, 2017”.

“Some television channels aired programmes and talk shows associating a special force with the so-called failed attempt on the life of honourable prime minister,” it read.

“It is hereby to inform that the news of a failed attempt on the life of honourable prime minister on August 24, 2017 is completely baseless, confusing and motivated.”

Deputy press secretary to the prime minister, Ashraful Alam, criticised a section of the media including a few local television channels, for publishing such a baseless report, referring to a foreign television channel and an internatonal online network.

"It's not expected that any responsible person or media organisation would publish such a baseless report that hampers the countrys overall security interests," read the statement.

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