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PM reiterates to build technology-based nation

12 February 2020, 2:27:15

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today reiterated her government’s determination to build a technology-based nation, saying that technology education is a must for the new generations to sustain in the competitive world.

She said the technologies are advancing fast in the world and the present era is being made a technology-dependent one, where Bangladesh will lag behind, it can never happen.

“We’re a victorious nation as we triumphed victory in the great liberation war and as a winning nation, we always want to remain advanced, not behind … from this thinking and spirit, we’ve taken various steps and the people are getting its benefits,” she said.

The premier said this while opening the Sheikh Kamal IT Incubator and Training Centre constructed at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hi-Tech Park in Rajshahi through a videoconference from her official residence Ganabhaban here this morning.

From the same function, she also inaugurated cent percent electrification in seven districts and 23 upazilas as well as Feni 114-MW power plant.

“We want to establish a technology-based society and that’s why we’ve taken various steps including providing computer education and setting up multimedia classrooms in educational institutions so that the new generations are attracted in technology education,” she added.

The prime minister also said the government wants to make the new generations literate in such a way so that they can move keeping pace with the competitive world. “For this, technology education is very much essential,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina also reaffirmed her vow to illuminate every house of the country in the Mujib Borsho (Mujib Year).

“Electricity is a pre-requisite for development (of any country) and I’ve firm belief that we could light up every house of the country in Mujib Borsho,” she said.

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