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PM urges countrymen to give scope to AL to serve again

23 June 2017, 3:50:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged countrymen to give scope to the Awami League (AL) to serve the people again and again as this party only has the ability to develop the country and change the lot of the people.


She said when Awami League came to power, the arrangement for food, shelter, education and healthcare services was made and the socioeconomic situation of the rural people developed side by side with transferring discrimination between the rich and poor.

"Only Awami League could do it and the people would bring to mind it in future also. So I would like to request the countrymen to give opportunity to the Awami League to serve the general people time and again," she added.


Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League President, said this while laying the foundation stone of the central office of the party at 23 Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Friday morning.

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