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Police call militants of ‘Atia Mahal’ for surrender

24 March 2017, 4:30:20

Sylhet Reporter:Sylhet police commissioner Golam Kibria said, police have called the militants of the building 'Atia Mahal' for surrender.

The law enforcers have fenced off the house of ‘Atia Mahal’ at Shibbari area of South Surma upazila in Sylhet from 4:00am on Friday.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team are on the way from Dhaka, police sources said.

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Huge police and Rab members led by police commissioner Golam Kibria, have been spread out around the building.

Sensing presence of the law enforcers, the militants were chanting slogans like “Allahu Akbar” and hurled grenade from the house around 8:00am.

All residents of the neighbouring building beside ‘Atia Mahal’ have been evacuated. But residents of the building could not be removed as militants are staying in ground floor.

Later, 30 to 40 residents of the building were transferred safely around 9:00am.

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