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Prime Minister calls for pressure on Myanmar

19 September 2017, 1:24:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on the international community to pressurize Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya crisis. In an exclusive interview given to Reuters, he said this call Aung San Suu Kyi must acknowledge that these people are her country: He will take them back.

Before this, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met with US President Donald Trump in the United Nations Reform Committee meeting in New York. They talked for a while. Later, in a special interview given to Reuters, Sheikh Hasina said Trump asked him – how are Bangladesh doing?

The Prime Minister replied in response, Bangladesh is doing good, refugees from Myanmar are the only problem.

At the same time, Sheikh Hasina said she did not expect any assistance from the United States on the refugee issue. She said if Bangladesh can feed 16 million people, it will be able to feed more than 5-7 lakh Rohingyas.

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