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Prime Minister enjoys the beauty of Cox’s Bazar Inani sea beach

6 May 2017, 6:24:00

It is not a everyday photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  Inaugurating an aesthetic 80-km marine drive in Cox’s Bazar, prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said it will unlock the potentials of the region enabling people to uplift their socioeconomic status and enjoy the natural beauties of Cox’s Bazar Inani sea beach.

In the photo, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is seen walking along the sea shore barefoot in Inani of Cox’s Bazar today.

Despite her busy schedule, she took some time out to stand on the sandy shore and witness the majestic sea.  

Flanked by her cabinet colleagues, army officials and security personnel, the prime minister enjoyed the wind and roaring of the waves.

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