Ambrin arranges iftar party for journalists

19 June 2017, 9:28:00

Popular model, actress and BPL(Bangladesh Premier League) presenter Ambrina Sarjeen Ambrin on Sunday arranged a iftar party for the entertainment reporters at Banani Lakeshore in the capital.

Along with bd24live, many entertainment journalists of top TV channels, newspapers and online news portals were present in the iftar party.

Ambrin has made a lot of fun with her journalist friends.

She came into focus through her appearance at Lux channel I Superstar Competition and since then she has proved her ability in different branches performing art like modeling and presentation and acting.

She is one of the most talented artists in Bangladesh media at present.

She has been anchoring in Bangladesh Premier League for last 2 years.

That is also alongside renowned commentators like Danny Morrison, Athar Ali Khan and Shamim Ashraf Chowdhury in this prestigious league.

She was also interviewing stars backstage before their performances and later she joined Shamim to host the BPL opening ceremony.

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