Allocation for disabled, aged people allowances to be raised: Minister

20 May 2018, 5:14:00

Social Welfare Minister Rashed Khan Menon on Sunday assured of increasing allocation for old age allowance and people with disability in the upcoming budget acknowledging that the existing budgetary allocation for them is inadequate.

“It’s an insignificant amount what the government allocates for people with disability and helpless old people as allowances. It’s a timely demand to increase their allowances,” he said.

Minister Menon was addressing a function in the city arranged to distribute allowances among disabled and old people.

He said the number of aged population in the country is now 1.30 crore and many of them insolvent and helpless. “We must keep this experienced section of the society in our consideration.”

Minister Menon said the people with disability are the citizen of the country and the country cannot march ahead leaving them behind, said a PID handout.

“We all must come forward to help these disadvantaged people of the society,” he said.

Minister Menon said they will increase allocation for the aged and disabled people in the next budget. Reports: unb.

Dhaka Divisional Social Services Officer Tapan Kumar Saha presided over the function attended by many disabled and aged people from Ramna and Shahbagh area.

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