BNP will no more be ashamed to chant ‘Joy Bangla’ slogan: Hasan

10 March 2020, 5:19:49

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said from now on, BNP will not be ashamed to chant ‘Joy Bangla’ as the High Court (HC) has declared it as the national slogan of the country.

“From now on, BNP won’t be ashamed to chant ‘Joy Bangla’ slogan,” Dr Hasan, also the ruling Awami League joint general secretary, told a press briefing at the conference room of the Information Ministry at Bangladesh Secretariat here this afternoon.

Referring to the HC verdict on “Joy Bangla” slogan, he said, “We welcome the verdict declaring ‘Joy Bangla’ as our national slogan… I hope BNP and some other quarters who felt shy to chant ‘Joy Bangla’ slogan’ will not do so any more.”

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