BNP’s threat to hold movement confined in media, face book: Quader

1 October 2020, 12:05:09

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said BNP is doing aimless politics and their movement has
been confined in newspapers’ page and face book status.

“The party (BNP) is being isolated gradually due to their political immaturity and indecisions,” he told a virtual press conference from his official residence at the parliament Bhaban here.

About the BNP leaders’ statement on arranging movement to free Khaleda Zia from imprisonment, Quader, also Road Transport and Bridges Minister, told the press that the people even their party men have already realized about their strength of holding movement.

“BNP’s movement will not take place on the streets as it is now confined in the newspapers and facebook status,” he said.

Quader said the BNP leaders are now very confused about their target as sometimes they concentrate on Khaleda Zia’s release and later they opt for another issue.

Sometimes they are vocal on election commission but later they concentrate on holding interim polls or changing government, he added.

Talking about BNP’s politics, Quader said, the people have realized about their weakness and falsehood which actually made them isolated from the people. On the polls day, BNP urged the people to go to the polling stations, but they (BNP leaders) did not go, he added.

In most of the times, he said, BNP participated in the elections in an attempt to make a controversy over the election.

Bitterly criticizing the BNP secretary general’s allegation that there is no democracy in the country, Quader said if there is any barrier in freedom of speech then how they (BNP leaders) are making ‘atrocious comments’ everyday against the government.

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