Bangladesh reports 2,537 fresh cases, 36 deaths from COVID-19

9 June 2021, 7:18:13

Bangladesh today reported 2,537 COVID-19 cases while the coronavirus claimed overnight 36 lives.

“The tally of infections has surged to 8,17,819 as 2,537 new cases
were confirmed in the last 24 hours . . . 36 people died of COVID-19 during the period,” Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) said in its routine daily statement.

A total of 36 COVID-19 patients died in the last 24 hours increasing the death toll from the pandemic to 12,949.

It said 12.33 percent of the 20,584 samples collected in 24 hours were tested positive while the infection rate was only 2.30 percent just on February 8 this year as during the late winter season, the rate started decreasing sharply.

The samples were tested at 510 authorized medical laboratories across the country during the time as the government put in efforts to increase the number of testing centers gradually with resurgence of the pandemic.

The recovery count rose to 7,57,569 after another 2,267 patients were discharged from the hospitals during the past one day.

The DGHS statistics showed of the people infected from the beginning, 92.63 percent recovered, while 1.58 percent died.

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