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Priyanka Chopra issued legal notice for unlawful construction in Mumbai

India’s top star Priyanka Chopra, has been slammed with a notice by Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) for unlawful construction at a commercial site.

The 'Quantico' star has landed in trouble after the construction of her office along with another commercial ground that has been rented out by her at Oshiwara, West of Andheri in Mumbai.

As per the municipal body five complaints were lodged against the actor by visitors at the Charisma Beauty Spa and Salon, including a municipal cooperator.

As per the allegations, unlawful changes have been conducted at the Spa including an illicit mezzanine floor.

According to media reports, the BMC found ample violations in the adjacent property as well, which is in use by the Chopra family as the actor’s office at the Vastu Precinct building.

The notice was sent to both the occupants of the premises including the manager of the Spa, Manik Soni who claimed that the place was rented out to him by the actor and her mother.

Actor Priyanka Chopra's mother Madhu Chopra seen at a restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai.(IANS)

Officials had requested to remove the illegal alterations and restore the original structure back in 2013, which would otherwise result in the structure getting bulldozed entirely. She was given an option to legalize some of the indiscretions following an imbursement of penalties.

A senior official of the municipal body was quoted saying: “We earlier wrote them asking to regularize the unauthorized changes after paying the penalty and remove other illegal changes which cannot be approved. But they didn’t bother to pay any attention after which we sent them notice under the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act (MRTP). If they fail to reply on this, we will demolish the illegal construction at both the premises.”


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