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Quader sees BNP’s call for movement to topple govt as delirious talk

30 July 2022, 9:45:41

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said BNP’s call for movement to oust the government is nothing but a delirious talk.

“BNP could not wage any movement to free their party chairperson. Now they are talking about ousting the government through movement. This is nothing but absurd comments,” he said while briefing reporters on the contemporary political issues at his official residence.

Quader said BNP’s own leaders and workers have become frustrated over the party’s call for movement to oust the government. About BNP’s call to people to wake up, he said the people remain awake and none is sleeping rather the BNP leaders themselves are in deep sleep.

He said the BNP leaders utter high-sounding words as they would have to say something.
Everyone knows about BNP’s capability in reality, he said.

About BNP’s comments over throwing away AL by just pushing, he said Awami League was not born using the gun barrel rather its root is in very deep in this soil. BNP remains too far from the people’s expectations and their position is very vulnerable to people, he added.

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