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Rail communications between Dhaka to northern and southern districts resume

21 August 2017, 8:00:00

Rail communications restarted between Dhaka and northern and southern districts around 5:30 pm on Monday after repairing the damaged Railway Bridge at Pauli in Tangail.

Rangpur Express crossed the pauli bridge at 5:30pm after 35 hours.

Rail communications of Dhaka with northern and southern region were stopped as a railway bridge on the River Pauli at Kalihati in Tangail was destroyed due to strong current of flood water early Sunday. Thousands of passengers who got stranded at different stations were suffering heavily due to the suspension of rail communications.

Gharinda railway station master Jalal Uddin said the soil stretching 30 feet of the approach road under the rail tracks subsided after Dhaka-bound intercity train Sundarban Express from Khulna passed the rail bridge around 5:30am. The soil got loose due to flood water and crumbled, he said. The rail communications were suspended due to secueity risk, the station master added.

Diferent intercity trains Dhaka bound Rangpur Express, Dhaka-bound Nilphamari Express from Nilphamari, Dhaka-bound Ekata Express from Dinajpur, Rajshahi-bound Dhumketu Express from Dhaka remained standed at different stations. Kolkata-Dhaka Moitree express moving was also halted.

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