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Rohingyas are involved in terrorist activities: Momen

12 June 2019, 6:32:14

Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen said that Rohingyas are now involved in terrorist activities. We I have been able to understand it for a long time. Rohingyas are afraid of increasing terrorism in Bangladesh.

On Wednesday (June 12th) in the capital, the state guest house, the diplomats in Dhaka highlighted the position of Bangladesh in the Padma.

The minister said, Myanmar is a friendly country, we have been talking about them recently and will continue to say. We must force them, you have advised us to return bilateral talks.We have been given back bilateral talks before. Tell your friends, take them away. We are having trouble seeing and controlling this large number of people.

He further said, that Myanmar did not say anything about the return of the Rohingyas, but many people are shouting and propagating and lying against Bangladesh around the world.

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