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Ruet teachers pick off indefinite strike for now

18 February 2017, 4:21:00

Staff Correspondent:After 13 days of continuous strike, Teachers Association of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (Ruet) today picked off their work abstention temporarily giving the university authorities a 21-day ultimatum.

The decision has been taken at an emergency meeting of the teachers’ association held around 10:30am.

Prof Nirendranath Mustafi, president of the association said, “We have given a 21 days ultimatum to the authorities to take proper steps against the students who misbehaved with us and confined us for around 20 hours during their 33 credit movement.”

Earlier on February 5, the university cancelled the “33 credit system” over the students’ demonstration.

On the same day at an emergency meeting, the teachers association declared an indefinite strike demanding punishment to the students who confined 16 teachers including the vice chancellor for about 20 hours before the day.

Since then, the teachers were not joining any classes or conducting any examinations, which created a deadlock situation on the campus, said academic sources.

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