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‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ releases soon

19 May 2017, 7:10:00

The long-in-the-works project based on Sachin Tendulkar’s journey from a young boy who inspired to play for the Indian cricket team to the man who reached the highest echelons of international cricket, is raring for a release. The film is directed by James Erskine, who has previously mastered the sports genre of films with films on the likes of Marco Pantani, a popular cyclist, and a TV film on tennis legend Billie Jean King. With the expectations of a nation lying heavily on James’ shoulders, just like how they did every time Sachin came out to bat, we tell you what to expect from the film.

A.R. Rahman has composed the music for the film. The song ‘Hind mere jind’ was released on Sachin’s birthday (April 24) and some more masterful compositions can be expected from the musical maestro.

The negative menace of match fixing hit Indian cricket when Sachin was at the peak of his career in the year 2000. The legendary cricketer has rarely gone on record about this period. Going by the trailer, this phase is expected to be explored in the film. At the launch of the film’s trailer, director James Erskine stated that there’s a “massive difference” between the autobiography and his upcoming film. James had said, “One thing that I really wanted this film to be about, was not the factual accounting of the life of Sachin Tendulkar.

Absolutely not. It’s an emotional journey about a boy who has a dream. He follows his dream and overcomes many struggles and has many ups and downs in his life… so it’s a story of a man and that’s the difference. The book is an account of his career. The film pushes you into his shoes and hopefully makes you feel the way that he felt and helps you remember things about your own life as well.”

The trailer gave a glimpse of Sachin’s childhood, which has been largely kept individual except for the news-making innings that he played for his school’s cricket team. From the trailer, it looks like his childhood is the only part that is fictionalised. Obsessed fans would have a field day while watching the film as Sachin has never revealed much about his childhood years. The film is expected to throw light on that lesser known aspect of his life. This is also shown in the trailer at the start when little Tendulkar is seen puncturing a car’s tyre.

The film’s trailer offers different perspectives to Sachin’s personality, with his wife Anjali offering more insight on how he is when he’s not on the cricketing field. Also featured are Sachin’s peers who grew up idolizing him, most notably, M.S. Dhoni who vouches for the demigod-like status of the ace batsman. More appearances from Sachin’s family members and his teammates are expected to follow in the film.


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