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‘Seven-murder verdict proves rule of law’

16 January 2017, 6:45:38

Staff Correspondent: Law Minister Anusul Huq on Monday said the verdict in sensational seven-murder trial proves that there is still rule of law in the country.

“I think the people of the country will be pleased by this verdict and the fear that was created by the gigantic crime, will now be gone. The state has done its duty of bringing the criminals to justice and ensuring their free and fair trial,” Huq said at a press briefing held at his secretariat office in the afternoon.

Earlier in the morning, a Narayanganj court sentenced to death 26 persons including main accused Nur Hossain and three sacked army officers serving in RAB on deputation in the 2014 seven-murder case of Narayanganj.

Talking about the execution of the verdict, the law minister said when a trial court gives death penalty to someone, it sends the case documents to the High Court for approval within seven days, reports BSS.

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