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Shah Rukh Khan's little son AbRam dances

28 January 2017, 4:35:52

Entertainment Desk: Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan starrer 'Raees' is receiving a lot of accolades from the audiences and fans. Top Bollywood stars have also joined the chorus to praise Shah Rukh for his powerful performance in. While the actor is greatful for all the love and appreciation coming his way, it was little munchkin AbRam's reaction that seems to have made him the happiest.

In an interview with a web portal, Shah Rukh revealed that AbRam had also watched the movie and that he had an interesting reaction after watching 'Raees'. He said that AbRam watched the movie twice and that whenever he saw his superstar dad on the big scren, he said, “Go pappa go”. The three-year-old also reacted to the Sunny Leone dance sequence much like the audience would. Shah Rukh revealed that AbRam liked the song 'Laila Main Laila' and that also dances to the song whenever it is played.

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