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Shaheed Noor Hossain Day being observed

10 November 2017, 10:40:00

The Shaheed Noor Hossain Day, commemorating the martyrdom of a young pro-democracy activist during the anti-Ershad movement in the late 80s, is being observed on Friday in a befitting manner.

Different socio-political organisations have chalked out elaborate programmes to mark the day.

Programmes include paying tributes by Awami League and BNP to the martyr by placing wreaths at the Noor Hossain Square.

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The ‘Zero Point’ in the capital’s Gulistan area was renamed as ‘Noor Hossain Chattar’ (square) after the young man was gunned down near it by police on November 10, 1987.

Meanwhile, President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have issued separate messages on the occasion.

In his message, Abdul Hamid recalled with gratitude the supreme sacrifice of Noor Hossain to restore democracy in the country.

He also said the Shaheed Noor Hossian’s sacrifice did not go in vain as democracy was restored in the country in 1990. Source:UNB

The President expressed the hope that all will continue their efforts to uphold the advancement of the country’s democracy, which was achieved through the sacrifices of lives of courageous people like Noor Hossain.

In her message, Sheikh Hasina said Noor Hossain had joined a procession of the Awami League–led 15-party Okyo Jote as part of the anti-autocracy movement on this day in 1987.

On November 10, 1987 Noor Hossain, a leader of Awami Jubo League, was killed in police firing when he had staged protest against the autocratic rule of then Lt Gen HM Ershad at the capital’s Zero Point near Gulistan by painting the historic slogan ‘Gonotantra Mukti Pak, Swairachar Nipat Jak’ (Let democracy be freed, down with autocracy) on his back and chest.

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