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Indian doctors inform

Siddiqur perceiving little light on his left eye

5 August 2017, 8:38:00

The Indian consultants of Titumir College student Siddiqur Rahman, whose eyes were smashingly wounded in police action at a protest in Shahbagh in Dhaka on July 20, on Saturday said Siddiqur is now perceiving little light after removal of bandage.

National Institute of Ophthalmology assistant professor Zahidul Ahsan Menon, who is accompanying Siddiqur in India, told bd24live on Saturday evening that Siddiqur said about little light perception after bandage removal.

‘It’s a positive sign’, he said.

Zahidul said Siddiqur may fly back to the country on August 11.

Earlier on Friday, Sankara Nethralaya surgeon Lingam Gopal led a surgery to the eyes of Siddiqur.

His bandage was removed on Saturday.

Siddiqur was transferred to Sankara Nethralaya, a specialised eye hospital in Chennai, on July 27 for better treatment of his eyes after Bangladeshi doctors saw no hope of recovering his eyesight.

Siddiqur’s both eyes were injured seriously as video footage showed that police fired a tear gas canister directly on his face from close distance during a demonstration held by the students of seven colleges affiliated with Dhaka University at Shahbagh in the city on July 20 demanding examinations schedules.

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