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Smart Announced new consumer promotion on HP Laptop

21 January 2020, 8:33:58

A press conference has been held in Smart Technologies’ Head office on new consumer promotion of HP Laptop. SM Mohibul Hasan, Deputy Managing Director, Zafor Ahmed, Director-Channel Business and Muzahid Al Beruni Suzon, Director-Channel Sales of Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd were present in the press conference.

SM Mohibul Hasan in his speech said, “We have been distributing HP products successfully since last one decade. We offer lot of things to attract consumers in different time. Now, we are announcing one special offer for HP Laptop consumer. In this offer, they will get one special Travel bag or Travel trolley with every purchase of HP Laptop depending on models.

Zafor Ahmed said, We, Smart Technologies, always look forward to provide better service to the customers. We have largest and best IT service facilities in Bangladesh for consumers and we are looking forward to improve it by time. Muzahid Al Beruni Said, HP has been one of the most important Brands in ICT sector of Bangladesh and are doing majority part of this business. We hope this offer will help gearing up market to pull consumers.

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