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Some people to work through the night to keep 12-metre beached humpback whale alive

9 June 2017, 5:06:00

Volunteers will work through the night to help a 12-metre long humpback whale stay alive until high tide on Saturday morning.


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The gigantic whale has been stranded for more than 12 hours now on Sawtell beach near Coffs Harbour with rescuers and vets frantically attempting to keep it stabilized in the shallows.


While there is a high tide on Friday night rescuers won't be able to get close enough to the whale in the dark. As such they will wait until the next tidal rise at 8:25am on Saturday before taking further action.




Volunteers are set up on the shore of the beach to monitor the whale overnight. 


Lawrence Orel from National Parks and Wildlife Service said there is a small chance the whale may be able to re-float itself tonight, reports the ABC.

'That's always a possibility and if that's the case that is obviously the best outcome if the animal self-frees itself,' Mr Orel said.


'However at this stage we hope we may be providing it assistance tomorrow morning.


'We will look to see what will be the best option to attempt and re-float this animal when conditions are safe enough for everyone involved.'

The vet does say the mammal is in 'reasonable condition' but even when they tow it out to sea with a powerboat in the morning the whale only has a 50/50 chance of survival.

Surfers spotted the animal at around 7am on Friday morning and a large group of up to 50 locals gathered to help move the whale during high tide.


The whale, believed to be one or two years of age, continues to be rolled upside-down by the surf which is making the situation more difficult for rescue attempts and for the mammal to breathe.


Footage of the whale captured shows it is stranded in just waist-deep water which further complicates the rescue until the tide goes out.

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