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Kabul attack

Suicide bomber hitting Shiite mosque kill at least 14 and injures several others

25 August 2017, 6:43:00

Over 14 people were killed and several others injured on Friday when a suicide bomber detonated himself inside a Shiite mosque in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, according to Reuters. As per an Associated Press report, a member of Afghanistan’s Shiite clerical council made sure the news of the deaths in the attack that is still underway.


As the siege continued, more loud explosions have been heard. Security forces have been almost unable to go forward to fearing even greater casualties. In the meanwhile, a second explosion was reported from near the Imam Zaman mosque.

According to primary reports, the cleric who performed the prayer service was killed, as well as a security guard outside the mosque in a northern Kabul neighborhood on Friday. Mir Hussain Nasiri said, gunmen have taken over the portion of the mosque with the separate prayer areas for men and women.

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