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Sunamganj clash over water body grabbing kills 3

17 January 2017, 8:29:17

Sunamganj Correspondent:Three people were killed and six others injured during a clash between two groups over the possession of a water body at Jarulia village in Dirai upazila on Tuesday.

The victims were identified as Tajul Islam, 25, Ujjal, 30, and Shawan, 32, of the village.

Officer-in-charge of Dirai Police Station Abdul Jalil said Dhananjoy Das, a fish trader of Kulunjo area, had long been at loggerheads with another trader, Ikram Ali, after Dhananjoy took on lease the water body nearby by the Jalia River from the government and set up a fish enclosure there.

The clash took place around 1:00pm when Ikram along with his followers attacked the fish enclosure in a bid to grab it and Dhananjoy's followers tried to resist them.

At one stage, both the groups, equipped with homemade weapons, attacked each other leaving nine people, including Tajul, Ujjal and Shawan, injured.

The injured were taken to Dirai Upazila Health Complex where doctors declared Tajul dead.

Five of the injured, including Ujjal and Shawan, were shifted to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital from Dirai Upazila Health Complex as their condition deteriorated.

Later, Ujjal and Shawan succumbed to their injuries there around 4:30pm, said the OC.

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