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Tahsan-Mithila to get divorced

20 July 2017, 4:47:00

It was rumor for few days that popular pair Tahsan-Mithila has got divorced. It is not a rumor or any new issue of couple life of Tahsan Mithila. But the unexpected incident is going to be materialized. Tahsan and Mithila have not been living together for a few months. They both confessed the matter.


One of the top news media in Bangladesh communicated with Tahsan in this regard. The news portal reported, Tahsan will formally inform to media about their devorce. In this regard, Tahsan and Mithila said, we jointly are going to get separated soon. We have been thinking over the matter for few months. At last we decided that not taking any pressure we wanted to get separated.


What Tahsan shared social media facebook are as follows:

It is with heavy hearts that we would like to jointly announce that we are getting divorced.

After several months of trying to reconcile our differences, we have decided that we would rather go separate ways than be in a relationship out of social pressure.

We realize that this probably comes as a shock to a lot of you and we wholeheartedly apologize about that.

We have always conducted our relationship with dignity and grace, and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and co-parent, we will be able to continue in the same manner.

We hope you will all treat us both with kindness during this difficult phase of our lives.

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