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Tanu murder’s 10 months: rising anger and frustration  

20 January 2017, 12:47:47

Comilla Correspondent: 10 months of Comilla Victoria College student and actress Shohagi Jahan Tanu murder are going to be fulfilled on Friday. As long as that found at the murder trial of the parents and relatives of the anger and frustration tanura growing. Meanwhile, anger and frustration are increasing day by day of Tanu’s family and relatives as long as days pass. But they haven’t got justice.

After the incident, the investigating agency was changed for several times, but did not divulge the motive and mystery of the murder yet.

There is no visible progress in the investigation of the case or to identify the killers. The CID investigation agency refuses to open their mouth about the progress of the case.

However, Shohagi Jahan Tanu’s dead body was recovered from the jungle of Comilla Cantonment on the night of 20 March last year.

One day after, Tanu’s father, Comilla Cantonment Board office assistant, filed a murder case against the undefined defendants in Kotwali Model Station.

Meanwhile, after 10 months, failure to arrest those involved in the Tanu killing, several interrogations of at least half of hundred military-civilian, the failure of the autopsy report didn’t mention the obvious cause of the murder, so far, even they got 3 rapist sperm of DNA test till now police are unable to identify the killers.

There has been seen suspicion in various quarters of Tanu’s family, human rights organizations

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