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The capital will be named `Zia City'  

12 January 2017, 12:41:24

Staff Correspondent: BNP vice-chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu said if BNP comes in power, they will rename the capital as `Zia City’ and annouced that in addition, Gopalganj district will be renamed as Mujibnagar.

He said on a discussion titled on `Conspiracy and government of one eleven’ at the VIP launge in press club organized by Democratic Movement on Wednesday.

Dudu said Awami League government has change Zianagar upazila to Indurkani. Was Indurkani more honorable than Ziaur Rahman? Why don’t you change the name of Gopalganj to Mujibnagar?

He said, You call Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as Jatir Janak and Bangabandhu. But named his birthplace as Gopal. We will submit proposal to you on this matter. We will change the name after discussing.

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