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The Chief justice is going to Bangabhaban

29 September 2017, 3:06:00

Cheif justice Surendra Kumar Sinha is going to Bangabhaban to pay a courtesy call on President Advocate Abdul Hamid at noon on Saturday (30 sep). The chief justice's Private Secretary confirmed this to the journalists.

The private secretary says the journalists, like every year, The President will exchange greeting with the people of Hindu community. The Chief Justice will call on the President at Bangabhban on the occation of the biggest religious festival of Hindu religion, Durga Puja. 

Meanwhile, vacation leave for the High Court and Supreme Court judges is going on. On the opening day of the court, on October 3, the Supreme Court told the court that the Chief Justice, including the Supreme Court Justice, President of the Lawyers Association, Attorney General, and senior lawyers will call on courtesy.

In fact, after the visit to Canada and Japan last Saturday, the Chief Justice returned home. On September 8, the Chief Justice left Dhaka for Canada to see the sick girl. He stayed in Canada for 10 days. Then on September 18, he went to Japan to attend the chief justice of the states of the Asia-Pacific region.

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