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The conjoined Gaibandha twins-Tofa and Tahura isolated

1 August 2017, 4:16:00

The conjoined twins who were born in Gaibandha — Tofa and Tahura – have been separated, according to the last update received from the operation theatre at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.


An on duty-doctor at the surgery told reporters that the twins, who were joined at the waist, were separated around 2:15pm and that the completion of the surgery would take more some time.


Daughters of Shahida and Raju Mia from Gaibandha, the twins were trusted to have been suffering from a medical condition called ‘Pygopagus’ in which two individuals are joined at the buttocks.


A 30-member medical team of DMCH comprised of doctors from different departments including anesthesia, burn and plastic surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology and radiology are operating on the children.

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