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The country's top news portal BD24Live looking for a sponsor

Bd24live.com is one of the leading online news portals in Bangladesh. On May 14, 2011, Amirul Islam, the editor-in-chief of the portal, started his journey. TThe company is currently waiting to enter its 11th year.

BD24live.com has been working relentlessly for independence, sovereignty, country and people since its inception. It is known that a group of young journalists are working on BD24live.com. Most of the district and upazila level have talented journalists. BD24live.com is soaked in the love of the readers today due to the sharp intellectual power and tireless work of all of them. BD24live.com is always trying to meet the needs of the readers.

In today's world, the opportunity for free flow of information that we want to create, the online news media has led us in many ways. Online media has gained popularity in Bangladesh as well as all over the world.

BD24Live is one of the online media that has already won the hearts of readers. The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh published a list in 2020 to recognize online media. There, BD24 took 2nd place in the live list. Besides, on October 26, 2020, the country's leading online news portal BD24live.com got official registration. On the same day, at 11:30 am, Chief Information Officer Surath Kumar Sarkar handed over the registration certificate to Amirul Islam Asad, Editor-in-Chief of the Portal at the Information Department in the Secretariat. Additional Chief Information Officer Shahenur Mia was also present at the time.

BD24live.com became known as the first independent media in Bangladesh on the online news portal. At present, the Facebook family of the portal has more than seventy two lacs fans and followers. There is also a vocal presence through other social media including Twitter.

Until 2019, the portal has been circulating in the media with utmost sincerity and efficiency. The company also has a reputation for providing timely pay and other benefits to employees.

The organization is looking for a sponsor to establish itself as a strong media: The fourth organ of the state is the media. The media is the mirror of society. The media shows all the images of the society. The media has a role to play in moving society in the right direction.

But the survival of this media requires the cooperation of the country and its established institutions. BD24Live has been unique since its inception. That means the organization was able to run its own costs.

The Corona epidemic is currently underway. The impact of which is not only in Bangladesh. The whole world has fallen. The biggest impact has been on the economic side. Many media outlets have been shut down. Many have narrowed the range again. In that case BD24 Live has survived with the help of your hard work and talent.

In order to establish itself as a strong media in the society, BD24Live has called for the support of the established person or organization of the society. Interested organizations or individuals can be contacted directly by email or by sending a message on the organization's Facebook page. Email: info@bd24live.com and also you can call (+8802) 5615744 at this telephone number.

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