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Fakhrul at flood affected areas

The government is out to make a drama over the 16th amendment verdict

14 August 2017, 7:16:00

BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday claimed that the government is attempting to stage a drama over the Supreme Court's verdict that cancelled the 16th constitutional amendment.

‘The government is out to create a drama over the 16th amendment verdict as it has exposed that Awami League has no legitimacy to stay in power. It has also clearly manifested that the party has no moral ground to run the government,’ he said.

Fakhrul came up with the remarks while talking to journalists during his visit to different flood-affected areas in Thakurgaon.

The BNP leader said their party is considering the apex court's verdict as a historical and important document as it has published the truth and the ruling party's real colour.

He said it is Awami League's old habit to oppose the court verdict which goes against its interests.

‘We strongly condemn the Awami League's efforts to stir a controversy over the Supreme Court's 16th amendment judgment,’ Fakhrul said.

He hoped that good sense will prevail upon the government to hold a fair election under a non-party supportive government through talks with political parties.

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