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The highest run of the World Cup in Bangladesh!

2 June 2019, 11:27:57

In the current World Cup, the subcontinent teams have not been able to do well in batting till now. bangladesh fans-fans were worried about how Bangladesh would play in the bouncy wicket.

But Bangladesh in their first match against strong South Africa has been batting. Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim’s half-century and the last wicket of Mahmudullah Riyad hit a hat-trick of 330 runs by 6 wickets in the Tigers. This is now Bangladesh’s highest run in the World Cup.

It’s not just the World Cup, the record of the highest number of runs in one-day history of Bangladesh. Earlier, Tigers had the highest team score of 329 in the one-match. The Tigers scored 6 runs against Pakistan in Dhaka in 2015. Bangladesh’s highest team score was 322 in the World Cup. Bangladesh got 4 wickets against Scotland in Nelson this year.

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