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The missing student found in Bandarban

24 July 2017, 6:51:00

A Jagannath University student who is studying Physics on Monday returned to his family after 60 days he reportedly went missing from the capital Dhaka's Mohammadpur on May 23.

The victim Sadekul Islam Milon, a third-year student of physics department of the university told reporters, 'Some unknown people left him at Rupa Station area of Bandarban district on Sunday morning.'

'His hands and eyes were tied with clothes whenever he was left there,' he said, 'A boy untied his hands and told the way to reach Dhaka.'

He also said that he called one of his friends for money, who sent TK 1000, and came to the capital's Jatrabari area by bus on Sunday evening from Bandarban.

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