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Rizvi at press conference

The present unelected government was making serious falsehood

15 May 2017, 8:45:00

Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Monday cancelled the government's claim of attaining 7.24 per cent GDP growth in the outgoing financial year 2016-17.

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi at a news briefing at the party central office said the present 'unelected' government was making serious falsehood over the country's GDP growth after ruining the economy.

He said the planning minister on Sunday at a press conference claimed that gross domestic product growth of the current fiscal would be 7.24 per cent.

Whereas the World Bank on Sunday projected that GDP growth of the current fiscal (2016-17) could be 6.8 per cent, Rizvi said.

He said the World Bank in a report also claimed that the GDP growth would be dropped in the next year compared to the current fiscal and that may be 6.4 per cent.

Rizvi said this time over all GDP growth would be less due to deterioration of investment atmosphere, big fall of expatriate remittances and sluggish export growth.

Rizvi claimed that in reality the economic growth of Bangladesh is less than what the WB projected.

Because the government has destroyed the financial sector through looting, he alleged.

The statistics of GDP growth was given from the government on Sunday is a part of 'falsehood' of the present ruling party, he said adding that the statements made by the ruling party about GDP growth ahead of election have no similarity with the reality.

He said people's support could not be archived by giving such 'untrue' statistics.

On judiciary, Rizvi said the prime minister wants to establish supremacy over all departments of the state.

Now she (prime minister) is aggrieved on the highest court as the supremacy was being challenged, the BNP leader said.

Rizvi said the government has showed its final power by repeatedly defying the instructions of the highest court about publishing gazette notification on disciplinary and conduct rule  of  lower court judges.

He said the Chief Justice on Monday said the Appellate Division was ashamed of again seeking time from government for publishing the gazette notification.

The government's such behaviour is an attempt to give 'Bksali autocracy' a permanent base, Rizvi said.

He claimed that the attorney general gave threat to judges including Chief Justice during hearing on impeachment of Supreme Court judges saying the government's real face  exposed following publishing these news in mass media.

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