The Prime Minister is returning home on October 7

30 September, 2017 2:48:42

Awami League Deputy Office Secretary Biplab Barua said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will return to the country on October 7 after the visit to the United States. He said, "The day of Prime Minister's return to the country has been delayed. She will reach Dhaka on 7 October."

Biplab Barua said that according to the schedule,2nd October was the date of returning but it delayed due to her surgery in her neck.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina left Dhaka for New York on 16 September to attend the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations.On September 21, Sheikh Hasina addressed the general session; Earlier, she took part in various important meetings and attended several bilateral meetings with several heads of government and state.

After the United Nations program, Prime Minister went to Virginia from New York on September 22. She was scheduled to leave for the country on Sept 29, after spending a week with her son, Sajib Wazed Joy's family.

But when the Prime Minister felt 'sudden stomach ache', she was taken to a local hospital. The doctors there examined her health and decided to undergo a surgery. On September 25, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's operation became successful at 8 pm local time.

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